Catalyx - Direct and automated crosslinking


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Catalyx - Direct and automated crosslinking


Sraytech Catalyx is a bi-component (crosslinked and catalyzed products) mixing and fixing system installed on a wheeled chassis to be positioned alongside the spraying-line, so that it can interact directly with the spraying process.
The aim of our system is to reduce manual mixing operations to a minimum in order to avoid possible human errors and improve environmental conditions and the workplace, and above all to facilitate the use of bi-component products by means of an automatic mixing machine that manages and controls the washing operations of the mixed product and the application parameters, offering a significant return on investment; essentially, Spraytech Catalyx makes it possible to automate the work cycle by reducing unproductive times and increasing productivity, and by mixing the products as close as possible to the very spray-guns used for spraying, thus reducing waste to an absolute minimum.
Operating parameters can be defined, implemented in the lines, interactively monitored and production data stored. You can operate via the touch screen monitor installed in the electrical pannel or remotely via PC or smartphone. The basic functionality allows you to control the quantities of coating product in units of time, automatically proportioning the components of the fluid with each other and/or with any thinners and catalysts with the utmost precision.
The mixing recipes are defined by setting the maximum acceptable variations, the corrections and the alarm times; the automatic washing functions are also set in relation to the type of interruption (from short pause to end of work). The management of the pressures of both fluids and air in the circuit, and possibly atomization, is complete and thanks to the presence of sensors, you can also record the temperatures in the circuit or inside the tanks. When necessary, the system manages the changes of product/color even in case of chemical and physical characteristics, to minimize the waste of product and washing solvents as well as the reduction of production downtime. The circuits can be in high or low pressure, depending on the choice of the type of atomization that optimizes the application results. The system is easily expandable, making it possible to manage the part of the system relating to the circulation of the application points and also the recirculation of any surplus.

Components of Spraytech dosing system mod. Catalyx (aimed at spraying with catalytic agent):


  • Reduction in consumption of paint and catalyzed agent.
  • Elimination of manual paint preparation operations, saving on labor, increased production due to the recovery of time and elimination of the risk of human error in the proportioning of the two components.
  • Improved finish thanks to maximum precision and consistency of dosage.
  • Electronic measurement and control of the flow rate of each single gun inside the booth.
  • Consumption control thanks to the software.


Mixing ratio: 0.1:1 - 50.00:1
Mixing tolerance ± 1%
Flow rate from 500 - 3000 c.c. min. in relation to the characteristics of the paint used, the pressures of and the set mixing ratio.
Viscosity range 20-10,000 mPa.s (depending on the type of of the gauges).
Maximum working pressure 100 bar
Components A up to 4 (depending on configuration).
Components B up to 4 (depending on configuration).
Components C 2 (depending on configuration).
Washing components of A Automated
Washing components of B Automated
Pot-life alarm automatic with switch-off with pre-alarm set by the operator.
Power supply 220 V - 50 Hz. - Single-phase.