STOREX 400 – Automatic foam generator


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Storex 400
Storex 400
Storex 400
Storex 400


Spraytech Storex 400 is an even more performing foam generator for the continuous formation of emulsions with variable density and preset by recipe. The high production capacity combined with the small size allow for the use of the STOREX foam machine both as a production machine and as laboratory equipment. Thanks to the use of a precise flow rate regulator for air regulation, this new model by Spraytech allows reliable foamed product production and with product / air proportions that are always constant over time.
Storex allows for variations to the recipe even during production, with application and settling times reduced to a minimum to avoid wasting product and time. Thanks to the use of work recipes, the machine starts with a simple command, in the same way as the new automatic washing which prevents internal product fouling.

The Spraytech STOREX 400 foaming machine is fully controllable from the 7” touch screen monitor from which it is possible to set various functions listed below.

WASHING: The washing will be carried out automatically by the foaming machine, with the possibility of setting the times and the recovery of the product that has not been used and remained inside.

RECIPES: It is possible to create recipes and save them, and modify them later or during the process, thus allowing to speed up the times and not having to run several tests every time the same production order is executed.

ALARMS: Any problems or warnings will be indicated on the main page.

FAST MAINTENANCE: like all Spraytech products, the Storex foam machine is also designed for quick and easy maintenance. The head, which is the main part of the foaming machine, requires careful maintenance and is therefore assembled and disassembled with a quick coupling to simplify work and reduce intervention times.


Weight: 120 kg
Installed power: 2.8 kW
Compressed air pressure: 6.5 bar
Compressed air consumption: Max. 336 Nl / h
Output capacity: Da 60 a 400 lt/h
Weight of the foamed product: Da 150 a 1000 gr/lt
Specific weight of the chemical product: From 1.0 to 1.2 kg / lt
Electric voltage: 5 Poles / 380 - 400 V / 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: mm 1000 x 800 H x 800
Structure: Completely in stainless steel
Control panel: Touch Screen with PLC
Foaming head: Rotor and stator in stainless steel
Head gaskets: Spraytech energized gaskets
Foaming head control: Controlled by 3-phase inverter
Pump: AISI 304 stainless steel pump