TYPHOON - Automatic drum cleaner


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Spraytech Typhoon
TYPHOON - Automatic drum cleaner
TYPHOON - Automatic drum cleaner


Spraytech Typhoon is a Spraytech automatic drums washer, designed to optimize and speed up drums cleaning operations, essential for time saving.
This new Spraytech automatic machine is completely structured in Aisi 304 stainless steel; thanks to the rotating nylon brushes with brushes on the head, managed by an electric motor, it guarantees complete cleaning inside, outside and on the bottom of the drum which, by means a nebulizing nozzles bar, send washing water inside and to the exterior of the same.
The washing cycle is started by the convenient Start button located on the side of the drum washer and managed by a timer with a preset time that divides the cleaning into two phases, clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of the brushes; thanks to the presence of an electric motor the operator will have the possibility to wash up to 2 drums at the same time.
Spraytech Typhoon, thanks to the presence of a sensor on the front door, puts the operator in safety, in addition the lower tank has a rear connection for draining waste water. Like all Spraytech products, Typhoon is also available in customizable versions for the customer; our suggestion is to rely on a simple and intuitive touch-screen panel for all control operations; the screen is placed in the electrical panel for the management of the machine, and allows you to customize recipes with settable and variable times and set washing cycles with the addition of special detergents in the dosing pump. Is also possible add the forced water recirculation tank to reuse the water for multiple washes if not exhausted.

Spraytech Typhoon, as per the Spraytech philosophy, pays particular attention not only to the intuitiveness of operations and the simplification of maintenance operations, but also to operator safety with a system of active alarms and immediate blocks.


Drums per cycle: 2
Minimum barrel diameter mm 300/450 lower part
Maximum drum diameter 700 mm upper part Drum height: 900 mm
Installed power 5.2 kW
Installed power 5,2 kW
Voltage 380 – 400 V 3 ph 50 Hz
Machine dimensions Length 1950 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 1820 mm
Tank dimensions (approx) mm 3000 x 1250 x 250 mm